Risk and capital management using metatrader

The best way to manage risk and capital and calculate the volume of transactions in Metatrader is to use expert and indicator. In the following, we will introduce the expert/indicator of risk and capital management in Metatrader.

How to calculate the risk in each transaction

In each transaction, according to our trading strategy, we must choose a point for the loss limit (which from now on we use the term protective limit because this point actually protects your capital), the distance between this point and the market price is It is the risk for which you accept the transaction and it will be the basis for calculating your trading volume.

Unfortunately, most people who are new to the financial markets do not follow this principle at all and sometimes risk a high percentage of their capital on each transaction. These people are definitely doomed to fail and lose their capital.

There are another percentage of people who adhere to this principle, but they do these calculations manually and usually in Excel, this method is due to the difficulty of calculating the dollar value between two points and the fact that the price fluctuation in the forex markets is very high, and the same The few seconds that are spent calculating the volume and entering the transaction price, usually the market price has changed and the risk and capital management is not as accurate as it should be.

Another way and the best way is to leave these calculations and determining the volume of transactions to the system itself, and the solution is to use indicators and experts in Metatrader.

In this regard, expert risk and capital management was designed and offered to the dear ones.

The performance of this expert is that you specify the risk level of each transaction at the beginning and enter your loss limit, the expert calculates the volume of the transaction according to the amount of risk you entered and opens the desired position for you. slow

Expert features of risk and capital management

  • Calculating the volume of transactions based on the percentage of risk entered and the selected stop loss
  • Calculation of trading volume based on fixed dollar risk (new)
  • In this expert, one of the conditions for opening a trade is to have a loss limit (without a loss limit, a trade will not be opened)
  • Opening sales transactions by the expert himself
  • Display the percentage increase (decrease) of the amount of capital in the current day, week and month
  • The possibility of setting the minimum capital loss for the current day, week and month (after the reduction exceeds the set limit, the system warns when opening trades)
  • Easy selection of stop loss and take profit points just by moving the mouse
  • Opening transactions at the market price (market execution) in compliance with risk management
  • Easy opening of pending orders including risk and capital management
  • Showing the distance between stop loss and tick profit and the market price based on pips
  • Ability to close all open transactions at once
  • Including the commission received in the calculation of transaction risk (new)
  • Show total risk of open trades (new)
  • Display the total risk of pending transactions (new)

The advantages of this expert compared to similar examples

  • The application form (trade information) appears only when opening a trade, it does not clutter the chart
  • All the numbers (loss limit, profit tick, price, etc.) are specified by moving the mouse and there is no need to enter them (high speed and accuracy when entering the transaction)
  • System warning at the time of opening transactions when the capital reduction exceeds the specified limit in daily, weekly and monthly intervals.
  • Strong support
  • The possibility of customizing and adding features to the expert at the customer’s request (if possible to implement and charge a fee)
  • The possibility of communicating with an expert designer >>> parsfl.ir/fre/mohasebyar
  • Risk and capital management expert is designed and presented for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Buy through Tether

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  • 7 days money back guarantee.
  • Support via email and WhatsApp
  • Free update

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